Weekly Newsletter

Week of 9-10-18 to 9-14-18 and 9-17-18 to 9-21-18 due to school closure

Math- We will continue to work with volume and surface area.  Students are learning to use the “partial product method” to multiply larger numbers.  They can draw an “area” model to help them.  Students are recording math definitions in their notebooks and will be tested on the definitions some time next week.

English language arts- We are focusing on realistic fiction and are reading the novel, “Bridge to Terabithia” which will help us identify the elements of this genre.  We are focusing on identifying the subject and predicate of a sentence.  Students will be able to identify the complete and simple subject.  We are working on making inferences, which is like “reading between the lines.”  We will be focusing on personal narratives in writing.  Students will be using their own experiences to write and share stories.

Social studies- We have been studying Reconstruction after the Civil War.  Students should be able to tell you the “aims” or goals of the following groups at that time:  Abraham Lincoln, Congress, white southerners, the freedmen, and Andrew Johnson.  Students need to be able to discuss the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.  They have vocabulary notes in their social studies notebooks and should be studying these words.  The class should be ready for a test on this unit by the end of the week.

Science- We are working in the science lab for the next few weeks.  Students are learning about force and motion by designing a vehicle and then carrying out a variety of activities with these vehicles.  Students should be able to explain the definition of a force.  

Please be sure to read the information in the Thursday folder.