Weekly Newsletter

Week of 10-15-18 to 10-19-18

Math-We are learning to use money and clocks to help add and subtract fractions.

English language arts- We are focusing on expository nonfiction and will be using our science and social studies books to identify elements of this genre.  We are focusing on identifying independent and dependent clauses. We are working on making inferences, which is like “reading between the lines.” Students will learn to use schema (making connections) as a reading comprehension strategy. We will begin a new focus in writing which is writing through the lens of history.  Students will use westward expansion to help them write a research paper.

Social studies- We are beginning our unit on westward expansion.  We will learn about how this expansion affected a variety of groups.  There will be vocabulary for students to study in their notebooks. Reviewing these words on a daily basis will make it easier for students to get to know the meanings.  There will be a chapter 10 lesson 2 quiz on Thursday.

Science- We are working on chapter 2 in science which focuses on force and motion.  We finished lesson 1 and will work on lesson 2 and 3 this week. Students should be studying their lesson 2 vocabulary.