Weekly Newsletter

Week of 5-20-19 to 5-24-19

Math-Students are learning how to use the coordinate plane to graph information.  They will be using cubes to make patterns and then graphing the patterns using ordered pairs.  It is important that students understand that there is an x and a y axis on a graph.

English language arts- There will be a reading packet and a spelling test this week.  We will continue to read “The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963.” This is a story about a family who lives in Michigan and takes a trip to the South.  Students will be summarizing, making connections, and questioning as they read.

Social studies-The students are working in small groups to do readers’ theater, short little plays.  The three plays are about Rosa Parks, Hawaii becoming a state, and Albert Einstein.

Science-Students will be creating an ecocolumn.  It will contain terrestrial and aquatic parts.

*There will be a MAP reading test on Tuesday.