Weekly Newsletter

Week of 12-3-18 to 12-7-18

Math- Students are working with decimals.  They are using dollars and cents to help them relate to decimals.  Students will be adding, subtracting, and comparing decimals to the thousandths place.

English language arts- We are focusing on biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs.  We are focusing on identifying subject and object pronouns. We are working on summarizing, which is reading a text and telling the main idea in our own words.   Students will use summarizing as a reading comprehension strategy. Students will be working on writing a memoir. Students are reading a biography in class. They will be reading about Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, and Alexander Graham Bell.

Social studies- We will finish chapter 12 this week.  There will be lesson 2 quiz on Tuesday and a lesson 3 quiz on Thursday.  Students will complete a chapter review on Thursday and Friday. The chapter 12 test will take place next week, most likely on Tuesday.

Science- Students will continue to work with mixtures and solutions.  This week they will focus on finding the concentration of solutions. Students should be able to identify a solute and solvent in a solution.

*Progress reports went home last Thursday and should be signed and returned.