Homework for 3-18-19

ELA- reading packet day 1, reading log (20 minutes,  5 text-to-self connections), study prefix, root, and suffix (test on Wednesday)

Math- worksheet

Science/social studies- corrections, use your book to find the correct answers, put the page number/numbers for the correct answer

Homework for 3-19-19

ELA- reading packet day 2, reading log (20 minutes, 5 connections, use complete sentences), prefix, root, and suffix test

Math- Home connections pg. 83, test on multiplication (standard algorithm, ratio tables, area models, fraction times a whole number)

Science- chapter 5 lesson 3 and 4 quiz

Homework for 3-20-19

ELA- reading packet day 3 and book introduction page, reading log (20 minutes, 5 connections)

Math- worksheet

Social studies- quiz on chapter 16 lesson 1 and 2 Friday