5th grade

Homework for 1-10-18
ELA- wordly wise pgs. 50-52,  reading log ( 1 paragraph summary- be sure to include the title, date, starting page, and ending page), worksheet, study Caesar’s English

Math- pgs. 231-232

Social studies- in your notebook define the vocabulary that is on pg. 451 (8 words) use the glossary

*all Thursday folders need to be in the basket

Homework for 1-11-18
ELA- wordly wise lesson 5 A and B, Caesar’s English test on 5 stems,  reading log (write one paragraph to persuade someone to read your book)
Math- pgs. 237-238
Social studies- answer the following question in your social studies notebook:  What countries made up the Allied Powers? The Central Powers? (bring your book home to help you)
*report cards will go home tomorrow