Weekly Newsletter

Week of 1-14-19 to 1-18-19

Math- Students will continue to work with decimals.  They will be adding, subtracting, comparing, and rounding decimals.  Students will be able to convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.  We will use a number line so that students know how to place decimals on a line.

English language arts- We will focus on historical fiction this week.  We will begin a class novel called “Bud, Not Buddy.” The spelling list focuses on words that contain the prefix -un.  Students will review making inferences and drawing conclusions. The focus in writing will be writing a text-dependent analysis or TDA.  This is the type of writing that students will be required to complete for state testing at the end of the year. Our word study will focus on “mob” which means “move.”  In grammar, we will focus on adjectives, or words that describe.

Social studies- We will finish reading chapter 13 which focuses on World War I, the Roaring 20’s, and the Great Depression.  There will be a lesson 3 quiz on Tuesday. Students read a Langston Hughes poem and will be using his poem as a model to write a poem of their own.

Science-We will continue to read chapter 3 which focuses on natural changes to the Earth’s surface.  There will be a chapter 3 lesson 4 quiz on Tuesday and a chapter 3 test on Thursday.

*Early release on Friday and no school on Monday, January 21.