Weekly Newsletter

Week of 3-18-19 to 3-22-19

Math-We are using multiplication and division to complete story problems.  Students will be taking a test on Wednesday to show what they know about multiplication.   Students should know their basic multiplication facts through 12. This is a skill that should have been mastered in previous years.

English language arts- We will focus on traditional literature this week.  We will continue to read the novel called, “Number the Stars.” This story is set during World War II and is the story of a family who helps a Jewish family during the Holocaust.    The spelling list focuses on words that end with a suffix. Students will be practicing how to make connections as they read (text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to world). The focus in writing will be writing a text-dependent analysis or TDA.  This is the type of writing that students will be required to complete for state testing at the end of the year. We will read a new article this week for our TDA. Students will answer a question in which they need to use evidence from the three passages to support their answer.  Our word study will focus on avi and memor. There will be a test on these root words on Wednesday. Students have a worksheet in their ELA notebooks to help them study. In grammar, we will focus on the present perfect, past perfect and future perfect tenses of verbs. Students have notes in their ELA notebooks.   

Social studies- We will begin a new chapter on life in America after the Cold War.  Students will be learning about the “boom years.” There will be a quiz on lesson 1 and 2 on Friday.

Science-We will begin a new unit on ecosystems.  Students will be reading chapter 5. There will be a quiz on lesson 3 and 4 on Wednesday.