Weekly Newsletter

Week of 11-12-18 to 11-16-18

Math-We are learning how to find common denominators and modeling how to find equivalent fractions.

English language arts- We are focusing on expository nonfiction and will be using our science and social studies books to identify elements of this genre.  We are focusing on possessive nouns. We are working on making inferences, which is like “reading between the lines.” Students will learn to use schema (making connections) as a reading comprehension strategy. Students are writing a persuasive essay this week.  They are pretending to be a turkey and have to convince the reader why they should not end up as Thanksgiving dinner.

Social studies- We have finished chapter 11.  There will be a test on Friday. Students should use their notebooks and books to help them study for the test.

Science- Students have made mixtures, have separated mixtures, and have found the mass of water and a salt water solution.  We will continue to learn about mixtures and solutions in the lab.