5th grade

Homework for 1-16-18
ELA- reading packet day 1 (3 sheets), reading log (2 paragraph summary), study for spelling and Caesar’s English lesson 1 and 2

Social studies- chapter 13 lesson 1 quiz

Science- chapter 3 lesson 1 quiz

Homework for 1-17-18


ELA- reading packet day 2, reading log (read pgs. 1-10 of Harry I Was?!), write about your favorite part of the story and support your opinion with information from the text, study spelling and grammar, wordly wise pgs. 55-63 (class assignment for 2 days)


Math- worksheet


Social studies- pgs. 450-457 questions 1-8, vocabulary pg. 459 (6 words) words and definitions written in your social studies notebook


Science- pgs. 112-115, questions 1-8


*report cards must be returned