Weekly Newsletter

Week of 11-20-17 to 11-21-17

Math:We will continue to work on chapter 2.  Students are learning a variety of ways to solve multiplication problems.  There will be a test next week on chapter 2.  Students will complete a chapter review before the test.

Reading/ELA: We will finish up “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” this week.  Students will work on a project to show what they have learned about the story and the narrative elements that are contained in the story.  We will have a Caesar’s English test on Tuesday because we did not have time to take it last Friday.

Science: We are working in the lab on mixtures and solutions.  Students will be making mixtures and then will be learning how to separate them.  Students will be making a hypothesis and then testing it to see if their hypothesis was true or false.    

Social studies: We are spending this week reviewing Reconstruction which we learned about during the first few weeks of school.  We will begin a new unit of study when we return after the Thanksgiving break.

Misc:  There is no school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  Enjoy this time with your family!