Weekly Newsletter

Week of 11-13-17 to 11-17-17

Math:We will continue to work on multiplication this week and will use chapter 2 in our book.  Students will be using factor trees to find the prime factorization of numbers, learning to use powers and exponents, and looking at multiplication patterns.  

Reading/ELA: Our focus will be on verbs (words that show action or a state of being) for spelling.  Students will be learning about pronouns and their antecedents in grammar.  We are reading the novel “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” which is the story of a sharecropping family in the 1930s.  Students will complete activities related to the novel. We will focus on informational writing. Students are researching a topic of interest and will be writing a research paper.  We will continue to use the reading strategy of questioning and schema.  Students should be able to make text-to-self connections, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections.  We will add 5 more stems to our Caesar’s English, a Greek and Latin stem program.   The list of stems are in the student’s ELA notebooks.  The students will be responsible for knowing all 45 stems this week. We have finished Wordly Wise chapter 2 and will have a test on Thursday.   There will be a spelling test, grammar test, cold read, and Caesar’s English test on Friday.

Science: We are working in the lab on mixtures and solutions.  Students will be making mixtures and then will be learning how to separate them.  Students will be making a hypothesis and then testing it to see if their hypothesis was true or false.    

Social studies: We have finished chapter 11 which focused on industry and immigration.  We will go over a chapter review on Wednesday, and there will be a test on Thursday.

Misc:  Please be sure that your child is completing all of their homework each night.