Weekly Newsletter
5-8-17 to 5-12-17

ELA- (English language arts)-We will not be having any new spelling or grammar this week due to MAP testing.  Students will continue to review reading, writing, and grammar skills that have been taught throughout the year.  Students are reading a novel, Watsons Go To Birmingham, 1963, in class and will complete a novel study packet.  Most of the packet will be completed in class, but students who do not finish the work in class will need to complete it for homework.

Math-   We will continue to work on chapter 10 this week.  Students will continue to learn how to multiply and divide with fractions. It is important that students know their basic multiplication facts with fluency which means they should not have to take more than a few seconds to recall the facts.

Social studies- We will continue to review what we have learned in social studies this year.  We will start with Reconstruction after the Civil War and westward expansion .  Students will complete cold reads related to these topics.

Science-We will continue to review the concepts that we have learned throughout this year.  We are using Myon to integrate science and reading.  Students can read or listen to a book that is related to the science concepts that students have learned about this year.  They take a brief quiz on the information after each book.

*Our "Leaving Lambs" ceremony will take place on May 31st at 8:00 A.M.  Students need to be in the classroom by 7:25.  Boys should wear dress pants and a dress shirt.  Girls should wear a dress that covers that shoulders.