Weekly Newsletter

Week of 1-16-18 to 1-19-18

Math:We will begin chapter 4 which focuses on dividing larger numbers.  Students will divide using a 2-digit divisor.  They should be familiar with the following vocabulary:  divisor, dividend, quotient, remainder, interpret the remainder, and estimate.

Reading/ELA: The spelling list this week focuses on adjectives. In grammar, students will be learning about reflexive pronouns.  We will complete lesson 5 in Wordly Wise.  There will be a test on Thursday.  We will finish up a 5 paragraph essays on how students spent their winter break.  The writing has been worked on in class.  We are reviewing Caesar’s English lesson 1 and 2.  There will be a spelling, grammar, and Caesar’s English test on Friday.

Science: We will continue to work on chapter 3 this week.  Students are learning about erosion.  There will be a quiz on lesson 1 on Wednesday and a quiz on lesson 2 on Thursday.

Social studies: We will continue reading chapter 13.  There will be a lesson 1 vocabulary test on Wednesday and a lesson 2 vocabulary test on Thursday.  Students will be learning about World War I.  They should be able to identify the countries that were part of the Allied and Central Powers and the reasons why the United States entered this war.

Misc: Report cards were sent home last week.  Please be sure to sign them and return them.