Weekly Newsletter
4-17-17 to 4-21-17

ELA- (English language arts)-The spelling list contains words that are sight words, -able suffix words, and academic vocabulary.  In grammar we will work on using commas .    We will be focusing on cause and effect and drawing conclusions.  Students will review the point of view of a story (first person and third person point of view).  Students will read passages and should be able to draw conclusions based on the information in the passage.  Students will be using Achieve 3000 to read, answer comprehension questions, and write a response to a given prompt.  We will be working on a TDA or text-dependent analysis.  Students will be learning to read an article 3 times to identify different information and then will use this information to respond to a question.  Students will need to cite evidence from the text to support their answers.   Students will be reading several articles on a similar topic and then using these articles to discuss similarities and differences in the information that is presented.  There will be a spelling test, grammar test, cold read, and Caesar's English test on Friday.

Math-  We will begin chapter 8 which will focus on understanding the relationship between fractions and division.  Students will learn how a fraction is a division problem.  There will be a quiz on Friday on chapter 8 lessons 1-4.    It is important that students know their basic multiplication facts with fluency which means they should not have to take more than a few seconds to recall the facts.

Social studies- We will begin to review Reconstruction after the Civil War this week.  Students will be going back to review chapter 9 lesson 5 which focuses on Reconstruction.  Students should be able to discuss the Reconstruction plans of Lincoln, Johnson, former slaves, the Radical Republicans, and southerners.  The students will be adding notes to their notebooks to help them review.  There will be a quiz on this information on Thursday.

Science-We will begin to review our unit on physical science.  Students will be reviewing what we have learned about mixtures and solutions.  We will discuss the physical properties of matter.  Students should be able to discuss the difference between a mixture and a solution and identify a solute and solvent.

*We will be taking a "field test" on April 20th.  This is part of the state testing.