Weekly Newsletter
Week of 9-18-17 to 9-22-17

Math:We have completed our chapter on whole number and decimal place value.  We will begin chapter 5 which will focus on rounding, estimating, adding, and subtracting decimals.  There will be a quiz on Thursday on rounding and estimating decimals.

Reading/ELA: Our focus will be on word families for spelling.  Students will be learning to use proper verb tense and to use commas in grammar.  Students will be learning to identify the complete predicate and the simple predicate of a sentence.  We will continue reading “Bridge to Terabithia” for our first novel study to introduce the genre of realistic fiction.  We will focus on narrative writing, particularly personal narrative (stories about our own experiences). We will continue to use the reading strategy of questioning and students will be introduced to “schema.”  We will begin Caesar’s English, a Greek and Latin stem program.  This will help students learn the meaning of stems in order to help find meaning in larger unknown words.  The list of stems are in the student’s ELA notebooks.  There will be a spelling test, grammar test, cold read, and Caesar’s English test on Friday.

Science:  We have finally made it into the science lab.  We will be working with a standard vehicle and will use the vehicle to try a variety of experiments that will focus on force and motion.  Students will receive a grade for every task that is assigned in the lab.  The lab requires group work, so students need to work together.

Social studies: We have finished our unit on Reconstruction after the Civil War.  There will be a unit test on Tuesday.  Students should review their notes, book, and worksheets to help them study.  We will begin a unit on westward expansion on Wednesday.

Misc:  Open House is Tuesday, September 19th from 5-7 P.M.