Weekly Newsletter
3-20-17 to 3-24-17

ELA- (English language arts)-The spelling list contains words that are irregular verbs (verbs that do not add -ed to their ending when in the past tense.)  In grammar we will work on adverbs.  We will review verbs and adjectives as well.    We will be focusing on drawing conclusions.  Students will read passages and should be able to draw conclusions based on the information in the passage.  Students will be using Achieve 3000 to read, answer comprehension questions, and write a response to a given prompt.  We will be working on a TDA or text-dependent analysis.  Students will be learning to read an article 3 times to identify different information and then will use this information to respond to a question.  Students will need to cite evidence from the text to support their answers. There will be a spelling test, grammar test, cold read, and Caesar's English test on Thursday.  We have added some extra reading practice pages to the reading packet in order to help the students prepare for the state testing which will be coming up in April and May.

Math-  We will begin chapter 12 which will focus on geometry.  Students will be identifying polygons and need to be able to describe their attributes.   It is important that students know their basic multiplication facts with fluency which means they should not have to take more than a few seconds to recall the facts.

Social studies- We have finished chapter 16 and there will be a chapter test on Tuesday.  Students should use their social studies books and notes to help them study for the test.  We went over all of the review questions at the end of the chapter on Friday, March 17th.  We will begin chapter 17 on Wednesday.  This chapter will focus on life in the United States from the 1960's and beyond.

Science-We will begin our unit of study on ecosystems this week.  We will be reading chapter 5 lessons 2, 3, and 4.  Students will learn about different types of ecosystems and the natural cycles that occur within an ecosystem.  The students will be ready for a quiz on lessons 1-4 next week.