Homework for 11-14-17

ELA- reading packet day 1 and 2 (day 2 has 3 pages), study for wordly wise 2 test on Thursday, study Caesar’s English, spelling, and grammar, reading log ( 5 text-to-self connections)

Math- pgs. 109-110

Social studies- pgs. 413-414, test on Thursday

Science- study for a test on chapter 1 on Thursday (pgs. 1-43)

Homework for 11-15-17

ELA- reading packet day 3, reading log (5 text-to-self connections) (SAIL students- read Roll of Thunder pgs. 117-134 for reading log), study for your Wordly Wise test tomorrow, study spelling, Caesar’s English, and grammar for test on Friday

Math- pgs. 117-118

Science- chapter 1 test tomorrow

Social studies- chapter 11 test tomorrow

Homework for 11-16-17

ELA- complete the reading packet, reading log (one paragraph summary), study for spelling test, Caesar’s English test, and grammar test

Math- pgs. 123-124